About The Page


So here is the deal, I take twelve photographs a day. The twelve photos are inspired by Twelve verses from the Bible as listed below.

  1. Law Books
  2. History Book
  3. Poetry and Wisdom Books
  4. Major Prophets
  5. Minor Prophets
  6. Gospels of Bible
  7. Acts of Bible
  8. Paul”s Epistles and Hebrews
  9. General Epistles
  10. Revelation
  11. One verse of the Day as generated by Bible.com and the YouVersionApp.
  12. One Verse inspired by a Bible Plan.

One verse a day in order.

I use the YouVersionApp to insert the verse into the photo and post them on Instagram.

This flows into my twitter account, @soulprofessed.

Every night, I pick one verse and relate it to my day and create the daily blog. Once I publish the blog it flows to the following places:

Payer-Verse-Photo Project is everything above.

Send feedback to solomon@soulprofessed.com.

Peace be with y’all,

Solo Mon

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