Day 0036: The Silly Things Said

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2018 MAR 15- Job 3:1

‘After this Job opened his mouth and cursed the day of his birth. ‘

Today, I started the section in Job where he laments his birth.

The thing about the Bible is that it is not always easy to read. There are verses that are not about Love or Jesus, rather there is struggle and humanness.

I am not Job, but I have wondered what my purpose is. I have not had the best upbringing and it has lead to so many bad decisions. I feel that my soul has been stretched to its extent and beyond. But still, I give thanks.

The beginning of Edge of Desire by John Mayer , he describes me in my youth. There are times I felt that Love was nothing., but that was wrong. Just like John Mayer, I grew with life and experience. This song captures a moment, much like Job cursing his birth captures a moment in life.

Young and full of running
Tell me where’s that taking me?
Just a great figure eight or a tiny infinity
Love is really nothing
But a dream that keeps waking me
For all of my trying
We still end up dying
How can it be?

Thanks be to God for making me human and imperfect.

Cheers from the DFW Metro,
Solo Mon

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