Day 0019: Listen more, Speak and Anger slow

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2018 FEB 26 – James 1:19

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, (NIV)


Today, I got back into the hustle. It was later in the day when I read this verse and saw this outline of my Home State.

I confess to you my brothers and sisters that I have not always followed these rules the best I should have. Because I am a native Texan and these words are part of our DNA.

  • Quick to hear
  • Slow to speak
  • Slow to Anger

Sounds like a true Texan, don’t it?

Although this song may not be related to the verse, I heard it for the first time today and what an imprint, Old Before Your Time by Ray LaMontagne And The Pariah Dogs.

Now the wren has gone to roost and the sky is turnin’ gold
And like the sky my soul is also turnin’
Turnin’ from the past, at last and all I’ve left behind
Could it be that I am finally learnin’?

Learnin’ I’m deserving of love and the peaceful heart
I won’t tear myself apart no more for tryin’
I’m tired of lyin’ to myself, tryin’ to buy what can’t be bought
It’s not livin’ that you’re doin’ if it feels like dyin
Cryin, growin’ old before your time
Cryin, growin’ old before your time

Maybe the key is to keep humble.

Another thing I encountered today was an immigrant scared of being deported. She cried and all I could say was I’m sorry.

Solo Mon

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