Day 0015: Say It Again

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2018 FEB 22 – James 1:15

Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.


Today, the verse, I chose is about desire and sin.

I think admitting our desires is one step to admitting our sins and admitting our sins is good for the soul. Even if the only one who hears the confession is God.

When I think I can beat my sin, I think of this song, Say it Again by Joshua Hyslop.

Say it again, say it again
Baby you will be believe it
Say it again, say it again
To my face
In the end, oh in the end
If I don’t believe it
In the end, should I fall from grace
Well I don’t know
How to bring myself to hope
No I don’t know you at all

Oh my heart is, going places
Oh my God I’m going down

Then, I realize how bad I’ve gotten and have a conversation with God and beg for forgiveness.


Solo Mon

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