Day 0011: Where I came from

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2018 FEB 18 – Romans 1:11

‘For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you— ‘


Today, I went out to Tyler State Park for a brief walk in the cold and the wet. I think I may have gotten myself sick. But it was worth it.

I take these photos and put bible verses on them because I need them. They are to help me get through this existence. I write these words as a way of speaking out what is in my heart, soul, and mind.

IF I have an eye, then it is a spiritual gift from God. And I believe it strengthens me.

This song is fuel for my soul, Hearts on Fire by Gavin James.

Strangers in my head
Keep making me forget
Where I came from
Where I came from

There’s madness in eyes
We’re too blind to realise
Just what we’ve done
Just what we’ve done

I feel it taking a hold
I feel a rush in my bones
For you
I think we’re caught in a fight
Can we make it alright
With all these shadows on our backs
How can we take it back and

How can we love with our hearts on fire
Is this enough or are we just burning
Ashes to dust like a funeral pyre
Can we love with our hearts on fire?

Hope everyone finds strength through their spiritual gifts. Help that fire grow our Love stronger.

Solo Mon

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