Day 0008: Vagabond

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2018 FEB 15 – Romans 1:8

First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is proclaimed in all the world. 


Today I took a walk in one of my favorite parks in the metro. When I completed a lap, I took another and found two youngsters had discovered my spot. I was glad because it is a place I have gone to for reflection and attempt to find peace. Best of all it is a place where I prayed and had a conversation with God.

There is a song that I have played over and over today is  San Francisco by Stu Larsen

my jeans are too tight and my hair is too long
you look at me like I’m a vagabond
well, maybe I am

the sun’s going down and the lights come on
I’ll keep driving until the day is done
on the 101

and I’m going north
and I’m going north

but I won’t know where I’m going till I get there
you know I wish you felt the same
and maybe I’ll find love in San Francisco
I can hear her calling out my name


I find life as a journey from one place to another. This song is full of metaphors and I find myself linking with a few. The important thing is that there will always be faithful folks anywhere we go.

Solo Mon

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