Day 0002: Consider Everything a Joy

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James 1:2 

My brothers, when you have fallen into various trails, consider everything a joy.IMG_0735

Today started with good feelings and quickly went downhill. I had an incident that tested my Faith and could have hurt my Spirit, but I did not let it. I was upset and disturbed by what happened and by who committed the misdeed. As the day progressed, I started to feel bad about my feelings. Did I really mean to say what I said?

I was able to talk it out with a few people and I could have done a better job of diffusing the situation. But, the other could have not done what he did. I guess some people just feel they can hurt people because they can.

Even though, every trial does not feel like a joy at the time. I believe, the joy is being tested and getting past it without losing our Faith and keeping the Spirit strong. I won’t hold a grudge, but I won’t be taken advantaged of. I will try and be thoughtful and calm as we work through the process.

Today, the song that comes to mind is by Marin Luke Brown, Shadow & Light:

Well if a, a smile is a smile, and a tear’s still a tear, oh
You show me our differences, I show you always share
If love is in color, then maybe we’re blind
‘Cause it feels like we’re living in shadow and light


It feels like we are living in Shadow and Light…

Solo Mon

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