Day 0001: In the beginning

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Genesis 1:1 

In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. 

From that moment it all began to this point in time, we have had our ups and our downs. More obstacles are sure to come, but so will the good times.

Today, as I drew that line, I realized I am not ready. I am prone to failure and yet here I go again starting an endeavor, I know I will more than likely not finish. However, it is who I am. Every failure is just another attempt at success. Let this be my latest attempt.

I believe that the message is more imperative to the soul than identifying myself. If I state who I am, then the focus changes to the failure that I am, instead of this Faith I am building. The Grace that has been given to us. Or the Hope that fuels us.

I try to find God and Worship in popular music. Thunderbolt’s Goodnight by Josh Ritter has been on repeat today.

Oh, my love
You been crying, oh, honey, baby, please
We can work it out
Can’t survive unless you’re next to me

And all my life
Before I met you, when I was trying hard in love
I thought the sun
Was going down, but the sun was comin’ up

It is a song about a man and his love. The union of two souls. I thought the sun was going down, but the sun was comin’ up. That pretty much sums up how I feel today.

Solo Mon

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